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Large Orchids Plants Design In White Ceramic Pot

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Brighten up your home with decorations that match your style and high standards. Our large and tall phalaenopsis orchids plant is the perfect tabletop for all occasions and settings. Designed in a white ceramic pot.

And can be used as a multi-functional piece to place candles or small decorations, as a desk organizer, and even as a stand-alone centerpiece. The arrangement is perfectly at home in its unique and on-trend container. Look closely at the texture of the white ceramic pot, and you'll see the soft curves of faces.
Look no further than this orchid with its "genuine touch" petals for a statement houseplant that requires zero maintenance. Symbols of love, elegance, and orchids such as this are perfect pick-me-ups for areas with bare surfaces, but they also make thoughtful gifts.
Beautiful realistic-looking tall phalaenopsis orchids accented with air plant decor on the side and designed in a white ceramic vase. The tall phalaenopsis orchids have a look and feel of real orchids and a long-lasting look.
These are perfect for a centerpiece, home Decor, or Office Decor. Original and distinctive, it's everything you need to take your space to a new level. Also, perfect to use at events to enhance the venue decorations further.

Product Details:
Large and tall Phalaenopsis Orchids plants in a white ceramic vase with air plants decor on the side.

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