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100 Red Roses Hand-Crafted Bouquet

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Bright up your partner with a bright and beautiful bunch of remarkably red long-stemmed roses. Red is a color of passion and romance, and you can pick an arrangement of 100 red roses to say "I love you" and delight the special person in your life.

Offering 100 deep red "freedom" roses expertly held together with a chic and elegant ribbon, each flower in this stunning display is a striking example of nature's beauty at work.

A beautiful rose arrangement that does not include a vase to hold it; whether you exhibit this bouquet altogether or separated into bunches, the result will be an excellent arrangement that adds unique beauty to any area of your office, home, or otherwise.

This bouquet includes 100 red roses 50-70cm, and it is the perfect option when sending beautiful flowers for any occasion. We take special care by adding flowers and instructions to enhance the bouquet.

Product Details:

Premium Long Stemmed Red Roses Arrangement with 100 Red Roses in modern wrapping, decorated with ribbon.


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